Furnished apartments for rent in Dupleix - Motte Picquet, Paris 15th (75015)

Welcome to our page dedicated to furnished apartments in the picturesque Dupleix - Motte Picquet district in the heart of the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Here, you'll find accommodation that combines modern comfort with Parisian elegance, ideal for those seeking an exceptional city living experience. For those wishing to broaden their options and further explore our range of furnished accommodation throughout the 15th arrondissement, we invite you to browse our complementary offers, focusing on more specific selection criteria.

Your complete guide to the Dupleix - Motte Picquet district: living in the heart of Paris

The Dupleix - Motte Picquet district, nestled in the 15th arrondissement, is a harmonious blend of Parisian tradition and modernity. Known for its picturesque streets, local markets and proximity to iconic sites, this district offers a unique living environment. Enjoy excellent connectivity thanks to the Dupleix and La Motte-Picquet - Grenelle metro stations, providing easy access to the capital. Discover a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment options, making this district a prime choice for those seeking the best of Parisian life.

The charming streets of Dupleix - Motte Picquet

Stroll along Rue de Grenelle and Rue de l'Église, where Parisian charm is on full display. Artisanal shops, traditional bakeries and typical cafés make for an enchanting experience.

Cultural and historical attractions

Just a stone's throw away is the Eiffel Tower, the emblem of Paris. The district is rich in museums and galleries, testifying to its profound cultural heritage.

Green spaces and relaxation

The Parc du Champ de Mars offers a haven of peace, ideal for picnics or relaxing walks, with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.

Gastronomy and nightlife

The district has various restaurants, from traditional bistros to world cuisine. Local bars and cafés promise lively evenings.

Shopping and amenities

From luxury shopping to local markets, the options are endless. Supermarkets and convenience stores make everyday life easy.

Transport and mobility

Excellent public transport links, including metro lines 6, 8 and 10, make access to other parts of Paris quick and easy.

Education and schools

The district is home to many renowned schools and educational institutions, ideal for families looking for quality options.

Health and well-being

Take advantage of nearby health centres, pharmacies and fitness studios, ensuring a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Every aspect of the Dupleix - Motte Picquet district contributes to an authentic Parisian lifestyle, combining convenience and charm, making it a destination for those looking to relocate to Paris.

Analysis of the cost of living in the Dupleix - Motte Picquet district, Paris 15th arrondissement

The Dupleix - Motte Picquet district, located in the 15th arrondissement, offers an insight into the typical cost of living in a popular residential area of Paris. Rents vary significantly depending on the size and standard of the apartments, with studios and one-bedroom apartments generally ranging from €1,200 to €2,500 per month. Service charges, including utilities such as electricity, water and gas, average €100 - €200 per month, depending on consumption and accommodation type. The proximity of amenities such as supermarkets, grocery shops and local markets makes everyday goods affordable and convenient. Residents also benefit from easy access to quality services such as health centres and leisure options, contributing to a balanced lifestyle without excessive costs. Although the cost of living in this area is representative of the Parisian urban lifestyle, investing in a home here promises an enriching living experience in one of the world's most dynamic and culturally rich capitals.

Legal advice and tips for renting property in Paris and the Dupleix - Motte Picquet district

Renting an apartment in Paris, particularly in the Dupleix - Motte Picquet district, requires a good understanding of the legal and practical aspects. Here are some essential tips:

Lease agreements: Make sure you read and understand your lease agreement. Lease contracts in France are generally long-term (three years for unfurnished accommodation and one year for furnished accommodation).

Security deposit: It is usual to pay a security deposit equivalent to one or two months' rent, which will be returned to you at the end of the lease, subject to the property's condition.

Home insurance: Taking out home insurance is compulsory in France. It covers the risks associated with damage to the apartment and civil liability.

Inventory of fixtures and fittings: It is crucial to carry out a thorough inventory of fixtures and fittings on entering and leaving the property. This documents the condition of the apartment and prevents damage-related disputes.

Respecting neighbours: Understanding and respecting the rules of co-ownership and good neighbourliness is essential for harmonious cohabitation.

Specific rules for foreigners: If you are not a French resident, you may need to provide additional guarantees, such as a guarantor or proof of income.

Housing subsidies: Find out about available housing subsidies, such as CAF allowances, which can ease your rental burden. By following these tips, experienced and novice tenants can confidently navigate the Paris rental market.

Our Paris-Housing agency supports you every step of the way, ensuring a carefree rental experience in this sought-after area of Paris.

How Dupleix - Motte Picquet compares with other famous areas of Paris

The Dupleix - Motte Picquet district, with its typically Parisian charm, offers a unique experience compared with other famous districts of Paris. In contrast to the vibrancy and bustle of the Marais or Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Dupleix - Motte Picquet has a quieter, more residential atmosphere, while remaining very well connected to the rest of the city. It's an ideal choice for those looking to live in a quieter environment while benefiting from the advantages of a central district.

Conversely, areas such as Montmartre or the Quartier Latin, although rich in history and culture, can sometimes be more lively and touristy, which may not be to everyone's taste. Dupleix - Motte Picquet, on the other hand, offers a perfect balance between peaceful neighbourhood life and access to green spaces, local shops and various leisure options.

For those who prefer modernity and new buildings, areas such as Bercy or La Défense might seem more appropriate. However, Dupleix - Motte Picquet remains a preferred choice for those who appreciate historic buildings and classic Parisian architecture.

In short, the district's choice depends greatly on individual preferences regarding lifestyle, atmosphere and amenities. Dupleix - Motte Picquet stands out as a district offering a high quality of life, combining calm, centrality and a rich cultural heritage, suitable for those seeking to immerse themselves in Parisian authenticity while retaining a certain serenity.

Booking and viewing process for apartments with our estate agency

Booking and viewing an apartment with our agency is simple and efficient, designed to help you make the most of your property search. Here are the steps to follow:

Make an appointment: Contact us directly by telephone, e-mail or via our website to arrange an appointment. We will adapt to your availability to schedule visits at times that suit you.

Preparing for the visit: We recommend that you come with a list of your criteria and requirements and any questions you may have about the area or apartment. If you are actively looking to rent, having copies of your essential documents (ID, proof of income, etc.) can help speed up the process.

During the visit: Our agents will show you the apartment and the neighbourhood, highlighting local points of interest, amenities and practical aspects of living in the area.

After the visit: If you're interested in an apartment, we'll guide you through the following steps, including putting together the file, signing the lease and arranging payment.

Ongoing support: Our team is on hand to answer any questions and assist you throughout the rental process.

We aim to make your home-hunting experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. By choosing our Paris-Housing agency, you benefit from personalised support and a service dedicated to meeting all your property rental needs.

The advantages of renting unfurnished apartments in the Dupleix - Motte Picquet district

Choosing an unfurnished apartment in the Dupleix - Motte Picquet district offers several significant advantages. This option provides a blank canvas for personalising your space according to your tastes and needs, allowing you to create a natural home that reflects your style. In addition, unfurnished apartments of ten have more affordable rents than furnished ones, which can be an essential factor for budget-conscious tenants. Another significant advantage is that leases are generally longer, offering more excellent residential stability. Opting for an unfurnished apartment can be a fantastic decision for those who already have furniture or are looking to invest for the long term. Discover our selection of unfurnished apartments in the charming 15th arrondissement by exploring our offers here.

Rental management services in the 15th arrondissement of Paris

Owners in the 15th arrondissement, our agency offers comprehensive, tailor-made rental management services designed to maximise the profitability of your property. We take care of every stage of the rental process, from marketing your property to day-to-day management, including rigorous tenant selection and administrative and financial management. Our local experts give you complete peace of mind, ensuring your property is carefully maintained, and rents are collected on time. With our in-depth expertise in the Paris property market and our commitment to exceptional customer service, we are the ideal partner to optimise your rental investment. Find out more about our services and how we can help you make the most of your property by visiting our dedicated page.

Furnished apartments for rent in Dupleix - Motte Picquet

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