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Welcome to our page dedicated to furnished apartment rentals in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, a district prized for its dynamic lifestyle and proximity to the capital's centres of interest. For even more choices and search criteria, discover our complete selection of apartments for rent in Paris furnished that match your expectations.

Discover the districts of the 15th arrondissement

Paris's 15th arrondissement is a cultural melting pot offering an exceptional quality of life. Between green spaces, local markets, and historic buildings, each district has its character and unique attractions.

Quartier Alleray -- Procession: an urban haven

Discover the Alleray -- Procession district, an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the dynamic 15th arrondissement. Renowned for its quiet tree-lined streets, welcoming parks and village atmosphere, Alleray -- Procession is ideal for those who combine city life with relaxing spaces. Enjoy authentic neighbourhood life with local markets, quality schools and convenient transport links. Browse our available furnished apartments in this peaceful neighbourhood and start imagining your new life in Alleray -- Procession.

Beaugrenelle: modernity and the banks of the Seine

Beaugrenelle, an emblematic district of the 15th arrondissement, offers a modern and dynamic urban lifestyle. Characterised by its contemporary architecture and renowned shopping centre, Beaugrenelle is ideal for those seeking comfort and convenience. Just a stone's throw from the Seine, enjoy waterside walks, sunny terraces and easy access to Paris's main attractions. This district is perfect for chic, practical Parisian living with a wide range of furnished apartments. Discover our properties available for rent by visiting our selection.

Cambronne - Garibaldi: Charm and conviviality

The Cambronne - Garibaldi district is a real gem in the 15th arrondissement, combining history, charm and conviviality. Here, picturesque streets meet unspoilt green spaces, providing an ideal living environment for families and professionals. The proximity of cafés, shops, schools and services makes it a first-rate choice for an authentic and practical Parisian lifestyle. Residents also benefit from excellent transport links to explore the city. Are you looking for a furnished apartment with a Parisian soul in this district? Discover our offers and find your new home in Cambronne - Garibaldi.

Citroën - Boucicaut: innovation and easy living

Citroën - Boucicaut is a fast-growing district known for its harmonious combination of modernity and green spaces. Famous for the Parc André Citroën, a futuristic, family-friendly green space, this district offers an exceptional quality of life with its many shops, educational facilities and friendly atmosphere. It's a great place to live if you're looking for an innovative and comfortable way to live in Paris. Explore our selection of furnished apartments to suit all lifestyles by visiting our dedicated page, and plan your future at Citroën - Boucicaut.

Dupleix - Motte Picquet: elegance and history

The Dupleix - Motte Picquet district is renowned for its elegant architecture and rich historical heritage. Stroll through the streets lined with magnificent Haussmann-style buildings and discover a lively neighbourhood with traditional markets, charming cafés and specialist shops. It's a great place to live if you want a sophisticated and dynamic lifestyle. Residents also benefit from excellent transport links and proximity to famous monuments. For a daily life steeped in beauty and history, explore our furnished apartments at Dupleix - Motte Picquet and start writing your own story in this prestigious district.

The Emeriau - Zola district: dynamic and modern

The Emeriau - Zola district symbolises dynamism and modernity in the 15th arrondissement. With its modern buildings, carefully landscaped green spaces and vibrant atmosphere, it's the place for those looking to experience contemporary Paris. Please take advantage of its proximity to shops, schools and cultural venues while enjoying a pleasant and dynamic lifestyle. The district is also well-served by public transport, providing easy access to the capital. Discover your future furnished apartment at Emeriau - Zola and live in this vibrant district's rhythm.

Georges Brassens: culture and serenity

The Georges Brassens district is a rare gem offering culture and tranquillity. Inspired by the poet and singer whose name it bears, this district is home to the charming Parc Georges Brassens, ideal for relaxing in the fresh air. It's a peaceful residential area with a strong community identity, surrounded by bookshops, literary cafés and lively markets. Residents enjoy a serene living environment with all the benefits of Parisian life. For those looking to immerse themselves in this culturally rich environment, look at our range of furnished apartments and consider making the Georges Brassens district your new home.

Grenelle and Front de Seine: front de Seine and architecture

Grenelle and Front de Seine, iconic areas of the 15th arrondissement, offer a unique residential experience with stunning views over the Seine and avant-garde architecture. This dynamic area combines green spaces, cultural centres and a lively nightlife, offering a varied and exciting living environment. Residents enjoy a high quality of life thanks to modern facilities and efficient transport links. Discover life along the quays and in the contemporary streets of Grenelle and Front de Seine by exploring our selection of furnished apartments, and let yourself be seduced by the prospect of a dynamic daily life full of discoveries.

Javel: industrial heritage and greenery

The Javel district, with its rich industrial past and abundant green spaces, offers a unique living environment in Paris. It's a favourite spot for those who appreciate the harmony between historic heritage and nature. The Parc André Citroën, the former site of the car factory, is now a modern, family-friendly green space. Javel is also renowned for its landscaped quays along the Seine, perfect for sunset strolls. With amenities close at hand and excellent transport links, this area is ideal for those looking for a quiet yet well-connected location. Explore our available furnished apartments in Javel , which are full of character.

Necker: tranquillity and the emptiness of a neighbourhood

The Necker district is renowned for its tranquillity and authentic neighbourhood life. Interwoven with quiet streets and leafy squares, Necker is the perfect choice for those seeking a calm environment while remaining connected to the vibrant heart of Paris. Residents enjoy local markets, artisanal shops, and proximity to renowned medical institutions. It's a sought-after residential enclave offering a high quality of life. If Necker's discreet charm attracts you, discover our furnished apartments in this district.

Pasteur - Montparnasse: dynamic and artistic

The Pasteur - Montparnasse district is famous for its dynamism and artistic heritage. The birthplace of artists and intellectuals, this district perfectly combines the liveliness of its cafés, theatres and art galleries with the tranquillity of its residential streets. Living here means choosing a lifestyle enriched by culture and history, with easy access to one of Paris's main transport hubs. Discover the bohemian spirit and modern lifestyle of Pasteur - Montparnasse by exploring our furnished apartments available in this emblematic district.

Saint-Lambert -- Convention: family-friendly and lively

The Saint-Lambert -- Convention district is known for its family atmosphere and lively daily life. It's an ideal place to live for those looking for a work-life balance, with its many green spaces, quality schools and traditional markets. The friendly atmosphere and small shopping streets make Saint-Lambert -- Convention a warm and welcoming place. Enjoy neighbourhood life while easily accessing all the amenities and services you need. Discover the furnished apartments we have in this livable neighbourhood and start planning your move.

Seine et Berges: serenity and charm by the water

The Seine et Berges district is captivating with its serenity and unique waterside charm. It's the ideal place for those looking to combine the tranquillity of river walks with the cultural excitement of Paris. The landscaped riverbanks offer an exceptional living environment where sunset picnics and morning strolls punctuate everyday life. With uninterrupted views over the Seine and easy access to the main tourist attractions, living here is a rare privilege. If you'd like to make this peaceful area your home yet remain at the heart of the Parisian action, look at our furnished apartments and let yourself be charmed by life on the water's edge.

Vaugirard - Parc des Expositions: lively and strategic

The Vaugirard - Parc des Expositions district is lively and strategically located, offering a dynamic and diverse urban life. The district is appreciated for its mix of residential, commercial and business areas, particularly around the Parc des Expositions. Ideal for professionals and families, it offers a wealth of educational establishments, green spaces and cultural facilities. Residents enjoy easy access to the whole city thanks to excellent transport links. If you're looking for accommodation in a district that combines convenience and quality of life, discover our furnished apartment options in Vaugirard - Parc des Expositions and start fresh in this vibrant district.

Violet - Commerce: friendly and dynamic shopping

The Violet - Commerce district is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and dynamic shopping. It's a lively, pleasant place to live, with many shops, cafés and services on residents' doorsteps. The streets are vibrant and welcoming, offering an urban and practical quality of life. Families and professionals alike will find plenty to do here, thanks to the surrounding area's diverse shops and green spaces. This neighbourhood perfectly blends community life and easy access to urban resources. For those looking to relocate to this dynamic environment, explore our furnished apartments at Violet - Commerce and begin your new adventure in this vibrant neighbourhood.

Unfurnished apartment rentals

Opting to rent an unfurnished apartment in Paris 15 has several advantages, including the ability to fully customise your living space to suit your tastes and needs. This option allows you to make your apartment your own by adding your personal touch, creating a place that truly reflects your identity. Furthermore, unfurnished apartments are ten cheaper to rent, offering greater financial flexibility. Discover our selection of unfurnished apartments and imagine the potential of these customisable spaces.

Rental management services in Paris 15

Landlords in Paris 15, discover how our rental management service can transform your experience as a landlord. We offer comprehensive, bespoke property management, including tenant search, contract management, rent collection and maintenance. Our expertise gives you peace of mind and optimised profitability. To learn more about our personalised approach and how we can lighten your workload while maximising your income, visit our detailed page on rental management in Paris 15 and start benefiting from a reliable and efficient partnership.

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