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Welcome to our exclusive selection of furnished apartments for rent in Bercy, Paris 12th, where Parisian charm blends harmoniously with modern comfort. We're here to meet your needs if you're looking for an apartment in this sought-after area of the City of Light. Whether you're a student looking for a stylish pied-à-terre, a professional on a temporary business trip, or a family looking to settle down in a dynamic environment, our diverse range of furnished rentals in the 12th arrondissement will satisfy all your requirements.

Explore our listings below to discover a multitude of fully-equipped residences offering the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and style. Immerse yourself in our diverse range of accommodations, from cosy studios to spacious apartments, and find the home that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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Discover the Bercy district

Discover all the vibrant Bercy district has to offer, from famous streets to local attractions, amenities to transport options, and from shopping and dining to entertainment. We highlight the unique lifestyle and convenience of living in this area.

Iconic streets

Bercy is packed with iconic streets that tell the story of the district. Among them, Rue de Bercy is famous for its elegant boutiques and art galleries. At the same time, Rue de Charenton offers many dining options ranging from traditional French cuisine to international flavours.

Local attractions

There are plenty of local attractions in Bercy. The Parc de Bercy is a lush green space ideal for a relaxing stroll, while the Cinémathèque Française will delight film buffs with its fascinating screenings and exhibitions.

Nearby amenities

Convenience reigns supreme in this district. You'll find grocery shops, pharmacies, schools and medical centres all within walking distance. Everything you need is within easy reach.

Transport options

Bercy offers excellent transport options. The Bercy metro station makes it easy to get around the city, and the Bercy train station provides rail links to other destinations in France. In addition, several bus routes serve the area, making it easy to get around.

Shopping and gastronomy

The shopping possibilities are endless in Bercy. The Bercy Village shopping centre has many stylish boutiques, while the local markets are for fresh produce and artisanal products. As for gastronomy, the district offers a variety of restaurants, cafés and bars to satisfy all your culinary desires.

Endless entertainment

If you love entertainment, Bercy is the place to be. The AccorHotels Arena hosts international concerts, major sporting events and world-famous shows. Moreover, the district offers a lively nightlife with its bars and clubs.

Analysis of the cost of living in Bercy

Want to plan your budget accurately? Our analysis of the cost of living in Bercy, Paris 12th, gives you a complete overview. You'll find essential information, including average rental prices, utility, and other day-to-day expenses. This analysis will help you anticipate and understand what to expect when you live in this dynamic area of the City of Light.

Legal advice and tips for renting in Paris

Our commitment to you goes beyond just renting. This section provides essential legal advice and tips to make your rental experience in Paris easier, including the Bercy district, Paris 12th. We'll guide you through the legal aspects of renting, offer valuable advice to new tenants, and give you tips on securing the rental of your choice. As an estate agency, we position ourselves as a helpful resource and authority in the property market to provide comprehensive and quality service.

Comparison with other areas of Paris

Paris is a city of a thousand facets, each neighbourhood having its unique personality and charm. To help you choose what best suits your needs, we offer a detailed comparison between the Bercy district, Paris 12th, and other famous districts of the capital.

Le Marais, Paris 4th arrondissement

The Marais is famous for its historic character and preserved architecture. It is full of chic boutiques, museums and picturesque cafés. It's a trendy district, but rents can be higher than in Bercy.

Montmartre, Paris 18th arrondissement

Montmartre offers a unique bohemian atmosphere with its cobbled streets, street artists and the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. It is an artistic district, but can be more touristy and less convenient for commuting.

The 16th arrondissement

The 16th arrondissement is renowned for its elegance and broad avenues. It is a peaceful residential area, but rental prices can be higher than in Bercy, and it can lack the urban dynamism that some people are looking for.

Ultimately, the neighbourhood choice depends on your personal lifestyle, amenities, and budget preferences. We aim to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and find the neighbourhood that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Reservation and visit process

When you want to book a visit to one of our apartments in Bercy, Paris 12th, the process is simple and transparent. It starts by browsing our online listings, where you can explore the properties that interest you in detail. Once you've made your choice, contact us to arrange a viewing.

Once there, you will be greeted by one of our estate agents, who will guide you through the apartment, answer your questions, and provide additional information. Please make sure you bring valid identification with you for security reasons.

If one of our apartments meets your expectations, don't hesitate to express your interest at the end of the visit. We will be there to guide you through the rental process, including submitting your application, the background check, and the lease signing.

Contact us now to plan your next visit and find your future home in Bercy, Paris 12th.

Unfurnished apartment rentals

If you prefer to add your personal touch to your living space, we also offer unfurnished apartment rentals in Bercy, Paris 12th. Opting for unfurnished accommodation provides unique freedom of personalisation, allowing you to create a truly your home. You can bring your furniture, decorate to your taste, and feel at home from day one. Our unfurnished apartments in Bercy also offer greater flexibility in terms of rental duration, allowing you to create a long-term living space. Discover our unfurnished apartments in Bercy, Paris 12th and explore this rental option for a tailor-made residential experience.

Rental management services in Paris 12th

If you own a property in Paris 12th,[Real Estate Agency] offers a full range of rental management services. We understand the importance of simplifying the rental process and giving landlords peace of mind. Please learn more about our professional rental management services, including tenant search, lease management, property maintenance and payment management. Our dedicated team is here to take care of all aspects of managing your property so you can enjoy the full benefits of rental investment in Paris 12th. Explore our rental management services in Paris 12th and find out how we can simplify the management of your property in this dynamic area.

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