Services dedicated to rental property owners in Paris

Do you own one or more accommodation in Paris or in Hauts-de-Seine?

Our team is at your service to quickly rent your property to a serious tenant and free you from the constraints linked to its management.

Our tenants are companies and individuals looking to rent furnished or unfurnished properties for long or short periods, as a secondary (Bail Code Civil) or main residence (Bail Loi Alur).

  • Allocate a dedicated advisor
  • Visit your property and carry out a full assessment
  • Estimate the rental price and give advice on how to enhance your property
  • Take professional photos and write a multi-lingual description
  • Present your property to our prospects and network of relocation companies
  • Promote your property nationally and internationally
  • Coordinate meetings and visits for potential tenants
  • Accompany potential tenants during their visit
  • Carefully verify and select tenant applications
  • Validate the final choice of tenant with your agreement
  • Draw up the rental contract and guarantor documents, including electronic signatures
  • Carry out an inventory, if you choose our rental management services - If you select our non-managed rental services, the inventory is your responsibility. You can do it yourself or contact a local service provider.

once the tenant has signed the rental contract (bail)

Renting as a company
or as a second residence

Fees wavered (Bail Code Civil)

Renting as a main residence

85% of 1 month’s rent including service charges and VAT (Bail Loi Alur)
Repeat fees are waived if the tenant leaves within the first 12 months.

once the tenant has signed the contract (bail)

Renting as a company
or as a second residence

15% of 1 month’s rent including VAT (Bail Code Civil)

Renting as a main residence

1 month’s rent including service charges and VAT (Bail loi Alur)

We take the selection of tenants very seriously.

Relying on our expertise frees you from the administrative and operational tasks; we take looking after our landlords and tenants equally and offer services adapted to the needs of each.

  • Provide a dedicated rental manager
  • Give you direct access to a personalised online account
  • Send monthly management reports
  • Send monthly rent notices and receipts to the tenant
  • Monitor monthly rent payments to your account
  • Send reminders if payment is delayed
  • Monitor the sending and return of the deposit
  • Manage and settle expenses including fixed costs relating to property and co-property
  • Revise and adjust rent for new contracts / renewals
  • Monitor insurance contracts for the tenant and landlord
  • Resolve any disputes
  • Send an annual statement of expenses and revenue (necessary for your tax return)

  • Manage the relationship with the tenant
  • Carry out and monitor technical diagnostics
  • Carry out and send the incoming / outgoing inventory
  • Manage any repairs following the outgoing inventory
  • Send a detailed report with short- and medium-term actions

  • Quickly manage any technical emergencies
  • Manage regular maintenance
  • Establish and monitor maintenance contracts e.g. boiler and air-conditioning
  • Organise and monitor any repairs carried out by the tenant
  • Organise cleaning between rental contacts
  • Manage any damage during the rental period

< €1500
8.00 %
7.00 %
€1501 - €3000
7.00 %
6.00 %
€3001 - €6000
6.50 %
5.50 %
€6001 +
5.50 %
5.00 %
NB: The percentages refer to the monthly rent (including VAT). The fees for renting and managing your property are tax deductible if you opt for the “régime réel”.

Living area under 60m²
Living area over 60m²
Check-in & check-out
including VAT
€3 including VAT
per m² of living area
Full inventory,
if non-existent
including VAT
including VAT
Our byword: bringing the details that make the difference

Our property enhancement services cover the purchase of furniture and appliances, and the decoration, renovation, or improvements relating to your property when it is vacant.

We can suggest solutions, consult with accredited service providers, procure quotations, and monitor the work carried out until completion.

Managing the purchase and delivery of furniture and equipment

€72 including VAT / hour or a set price of 20% (including VAT) of the purchases.

Decoration, renovation and building services

€72 including VAT / hour or a set price of 12% (including VAT) of the work carried out.

Our goal: to enhance and bring value to your heritage

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