Furnished apartments for rent in Buttes Chaumont - Laumière - Manin, Paris 19th (75019)

Welcome to our page dedicated to furnished apartments in the lively Buttes Chaumont - Laumière - Manin district. If you want to broaden your search in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, feel free to explore more options by following this link. You'll find a rigorous selection of furnished apartments to suit all your needs, whether for a short or long stay in the French capital.

Neighbourhood guide: Buttes Chaumont - Laumière - Manin

The Buttes Chaumont - Laumière - Manin district is a real Parisian gem. Known for its picturesque streets, such as rue Manin and Avenue Mathurin Moreau, it offers privileged access to the famous Buttes-Chaumont park. You'll find a variety of shops, restaurants and cafés, as well as excellent public transport options, such as the Laumière and Botzaris metro stations. This area is ideal for those looking for a dynamic lifestyle with a touch of tranquillity.

Cost of living analysis - Buttes Chaumont - Laumière - Manin area

The cost of living in the district is balanced. Running costs such as shopping, public transport, and leisure activities are comparable to other areas of Paris, offering excellent value for money for those looking to move to the capital.

Legal advice and tips for renting in Paris

Renting an apartment in Paris involves knowing certain legal aspects. Familiarising yourself with rental contracts, security deposits, and tenants' rights is essential. We recommend preparing the necessary documents for new tenants in advance and understanding the landlord's obligations. Our agency also offers personalised advice to help you quickly navigate the Paris rental market.

Comparison with other areas of Paris

Buttes Chaumont - Laumière - Manin offers a unique atmosphere compared with other districts such as the Marais or Montmartre. This district is distinguished by its green spaces, tranquillity and authenticity. Unlike the more touristy districts, it offers a more authentic and relaxed Parisian experience while remaining well-connected to the city's main attractions.

Booking and viewing process with our estate agency

To book a viewing of the apartments listed, contact us via our online form or telephone. Be prepared to provide basic information and your preferences. When you visit, don't forget to bring some form of identification and possibly a cover letter to increase your chances of being selected. Our team will guide you through the following steps if you find an apartment that meets your needs.

Renting unfurnished apartments - advantages and options

Opting for an unfurnished apartment in this district offers flexibility...

Rental management services in the 19th arrondissement

Property owners in the 19th arrondissement, our estate agency offers professional rental management services tailored to your needs. Whether you own a property in the dynamic Buttes Chaumont - Laumière - Manin district or elsewhere in the 19th arrondissement, we're here to help. Our services cover everything from marketing your property to day-to-day management, including careful tenant selection and management of tenancy agreements. We ensure total peace of mind, maximising your rental income and minimising your worries. Please find out how our rental management expertise can benefit you. Entrust your property to us and benefit from professional, personalised management in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

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