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Welcome to our page dedicated to residential life in the 19th arrondissement, where diversity meets comfort. Whether you're looking for a furnished studio for long-term rental or a family apartment, our selected properties will meet your expectations. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the 19th arrondissement by browsing all our furnished apartment for rent listings.

Explore the dynamism of the 19th arrondissement

The 19th arrondissement, with its serviced apartments and vibrant neighbourhoods, is ideal for immersing yourself in Parisian culture. From serviced residences to modern studios, every street corner invites you to discover a new facet of Paris.

Living in Buttes Chaumont - Laumière - Manin

Discover the perfect balance between nature and urbanity in the Buttes Chaumont - Laumière - Manin district. This emblematic area of the 19th arrondissement offers an exceptional quality of life with its vast green spaces, including the famous Buttes-Chaumont park, ideal for relaxation and outdoor activities. Tree-lined streets and charming architecture add a touch of elegance to everyday life. Enjoy a vibrant community life, easy access to services and a varied selection of furnished apartments to suit all lifestyles. Take the first step towards your new home by exploring our offers.

The charm of Jourdain - Pyrenees

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Jourdain - Pyrénées, a district that symbolises the dynamism and diversity of Paris. This area of the 19th arrondissement has a harmonious blend of culture, art and community life. With its lively streets, local markets and green spaces, such as the Parc de Belleville, living here means embracing a rich and varied urban life. Our long-term furnished apartments in this district offer comfort and convenience, allowing you to take full advantage of the energy of Paris. Discover your future home by exploring our exclusive listings.

Find out more about Quartiers du 19th

Don't limit yourself to just one district! The 19th arrondissement is full of diverse areas, from the Canal de l'Ourcq to La Villette. Whether you're looking for optimised studios or spacious family apartments, we have just what you want.

The dynamism of Belleville - Télégraphe

Belleville - Télégraphe is renowned for its culture, art and community life mix. Our apartments in this area of fer you total immersion in a dynamic, multicultural environment.

The elegance of La Villette

La Villette, known for its cultural spaces and modern architecture, offers an elegant and contemporary living environment. Explore our carefully selected apartments in this lively district, combining comfort and style.

Moving to Paris 19: furnished or unfurnished?

Choosing between a furnished and unfurnished apartment is a question of lifestyle. Our wide range of properties in the 19th arrondissement means you can find the ideal space to suit your personal and professional preferences.

Renting unfurnished apartments in Paris 19 offers a blank canvas for those who want to fully personalise their living space. Opting for unfurnished accommodation means having the freedom to decorate and arrange your interior according to your specific tastes and needs, creating a truly unique home. As well as personalisation, this can of ten represent significant savings in the long term.

Rental management services in Paris 19

Landlords in the 19th arrondissement simplify your rental experience with our rental management services. Our expert team will manage all aspects of your property, from finding reliable tenants to regular property maintenance, rent management and any repairs. Enjoy peace of mind while maximising the return on your investment. Please find out how our personalised approach and local expertise can benefit you by visiting our page dedicated to rental management in Paris Please find out more and start working with us.

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