Furnished apartments for rent in Paris 9th (75009)

Welcome to the elegant 9th arrondissement of Paris, a destination for those seeking accommodation that combines comfort, style and authentic Parisian living. Our furnished apartments, or "rentals meublées", are selected for their quality, strategic location and refined design. Whether you're looking for a cosy studio for your urban escapades or a spacious family apartment, discover our varied properties. For even more choices, please browse our selection of apartments for rent furnished in Paris and find the perfect place for your next move.

Elegance and diversity in the 9th arrondissement

The 9th arrondissement is bursting with architectural treasures, cultural havens and picturesque corners of life. Whether you're looking for the artistic vibrancy of Pigalle or the residential serenity of Clichy, our serviced apartments will give you total immersion in the Parisian spirit.

Charm and comfort in Clichy -- Trinité

Discover Clichy -- Trinité, a district where urban dynamism and a gentle way of life blend harmoniously. Famous for its elegant architecture and quiet streets, this area of the 9th arrondissement offers the ideal living environment for those looking to combine accessibility and tranquillity. Residents enjoy proximity to shops, quaint cafés and various cultural and leisure options. Our furnished apartments in Clichy -- Trinité are designed to offer modern comfort and elegance while immersing you in a rich and welcoming environment.

Artistic and vibrant life in Pigalle

Immerse yourself in the heart of Pigalle, the emblematic Parisian art and nightlife district. Known for its bohemian spirit and lively nights, Pigalle is a cultural hub, home to theatres, art galleries and historic concert halls. Living in Pigalle means choosing a daily life punctuated by creativity and excitement while enjoying picturesque little streets and hidden gardens. Our furnished apartments in the Pigalle district offer a beautiful escape into this vibrant world, combining modern comfort with authentic charm.

The flexibility of unfurnished apartments

Opting to rent an unfurnished apartment in Paris 9 is an excellent opportunity to fully customise your living space to suit your tastes and needs. Without the constraints of predefined furnishings, you can create an interior that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Whether for a family move, a long-term project, or simply the desire to invest in your furniture, choosing an unfurnished apartment gives you that much-desired blank canvas. You'll also benefit from a broader range of properties available and greater contractual flexibility.

Rental management services in the 9th arrondissement

Property owners in the 9th arrondissement simplify their property management with our professional rental management services. We offer a complete solution, taking care of all aspects of letting - from marketing your property to day-to-day management and administration. Our local expertise ensures you maximise profitability and enjoy unrivalled peace of mind. Whether you own an apartment, studio or larger property, please find out how our team can transform your rental experience. Explore the benefits of expert, personalised management in Paris 9.

Furnished flats for rent in Paris 9th - Opéra

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