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Long-term apartment in Paris: we help you find yours

Have you decided to move to the French capital for work? For personal reasons?

If you are planning on staying a while, it is important to feel at home in France. Finding the right long-term apartment rental is, without a doubt, an important first step in feeling comfortable and fully integrated into Paris.


Renting an apartment in Paris long-term

Whether you want to live out in the western suburbs near your office in the “La Défense” business area or in a large family house in the calm and largely residential 15ème arrondissement, we’ll help you find a long-term Paris apartment rental that meets all your needs.

In order to support you in your apartment search, we've developed a wide selection of real estate services to find both short-term and long-term accommodation in Paris.

Let yourself be guided through each step from visiting a potential apartment to setting up utility bills once you've moved in.


For your long-term flat rental in Paris: why use Paris-Housing?


  1. Access a discerning selection of apartments to rent long-term.
    • Choose your property from a careful selection of long-term rental properties, which meet the highest standards in terms of quality and location.
    • Pick an apartment that is adapted to all your needs from studios and apartments to family homes in prestigious parts of Paris and its western suburbs.
  2. Be accompanied by a welcoming and flexible property team.
    • Work with a friendly team of real estate professionals who are specialists in the Paris real estate market including long-term rentals.
    • Communicate what you need easily with our multi-lingual team members via phone, email and social media.
  3. Settle into your Parisian life easily with personal guidance.
    • Benefit from personalised assistance at each step from choosing your long-term Paris flat to setting up utility bills.
    • Make the most of our experience and local knowledge to get optimised cultural, legal and administrative advice.


303 apartments to rent long-term for you to search and discover - Page 1 / 7

rue Saint-Sauveur
75002 Paris 2ème

Montorgueil - Saint Denis
Available Immediately
Min. 3 months

1 Room . 1 Shower-room

€1,400 / month

rue Surcouf
75007 Paris 7ème

Gros Caillou
Available on: 22 Dec 2023
Min. 3 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Shower-room

€1,850 / month

rue de Chateaudun
75009 Paris 9ème

Lafayette - Richer
Availability to be confirmed: 01 Jan. 2024
Min. 6 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Bathroom

€1,800 / month

rue Jean Carriès
75007 Paris 7ème

Ecole Militaire
Available on: 02 Jan. 2024
Min. 3 months

1 Room . 1 Shower-room

€800 / month

rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris 7ème

Gros Caillou
Availability to be confirmed: 13 Feb. 2024
Min. 12 months

2 Bedrooms . 1 Bathroom . 1 Shower-room . 1 parking

€4,000 / month

rue d' Assas
75006 Paris 6ème

Saint Placide
Availability to be confirmed: 15 Feb. 2024
Min. 3 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Shower-room

€1,400 / month

rue Michel Le Comte
75003 Paris 3ème

Sainte Avoie
Availability to be confirmed: 01 Mar. 2024
Min. 6 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Bathroom . 1 parking

€1,400 / month

Rue Saint Dominique
75007 Paris 7ème

Gros Caillou
Availability to be confirmed: 03 Mar. 2024
Min. 3 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Bathroom

€1,630 / month

rue Lhomond
75005 Paris 5ème

Val de Grace
Availability to be confirmed: 01 Apr. 2024
Min. 3 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Shower-room

€1,350 / month