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Short-term apartment in Paris: we help you find yours

If you are staying in the French capital for a little while, it is important to find the right short-term flat rental for you, so that you feel at home from the very beginning.

Renting an apartment in Paris for a short stay

Whether you want to live in the vibrant Marais area in the very centre of the city or out in the leafy western suburbs like Neuilly-sur-Seine, you’ll find a wide choice of carefully selected short-term flats in Paris for different tastes and requirements. It can be challenging to find the rental you need if you don't know the city or don't have much time. That's why we have developed a whole range of real estate services to support you in your search from finding the right short-term Paris rental to settling in and sorting out utilities.


For your short-term flat rental in Paris: why use Paris-Housing?


  1. Choose from a handpicked selection of short-term apartments.
    • Access a diverse selection of short-stay rental properties that have been carefully selected to meet the highest standards.
    • Find a Paris flat that meets all your needs whether you want to rent a studio, apartment or family home in your chosen part of French capital or its western suburbs.
  2. Work with a friendly and flexible property team.
    • Meet our welcoming team of real estate professionals who specialise in Paris rentals including short-term stays.
    • Make it easier to communicate your needs with a multi-lingual team and a choice of ways to contact us including phone, email and social media.
  3. Feel at home in your Paris flat immediately with complete support.
    • Get personalised support through the process from when you choose your short-term Paris flat to moving and settling in.
    • Benefit from our experience and local knowledge to make the best choices in terms of location and get optimised legal or administrative advice.


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rue Saint-Sauveur
75002 Paris 2ème

Montorgueil - Saint Denis
Available Immediately
Min. 3 months

1 Room . 1 Shower-room

€1,400 / month

rue Surcouf
75007 Paris 7ème

Gros Caillou
Available on: 22 Dec 2023
Min. 3 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Shower-room

€1,850 / month

rue de Chateaudun
75009 Paris 9ème

Lafayette - Richer
Availability to be confirmed: 01 Jan. 2024
Min. 6 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Bathroom

€1,800 / month

boulevard de la Tour Maubourg
75007 Paris 7ème

Availability to be confirmed: 01 Feb. 2024
Min. 6 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Bathroom

€1,780 / month

rue d' Assas
75006 Paris 6ème

Saint Placide
Availability to be confirmed: 15 Feb. 2024
Min. 3 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Shower-room

€1,400 / month

rue de l'Exposition
75007 Paris 7ème

Ecole Militaire
Availability to be confirmed: 28 Feb. 2024
Min. 3 monthsMaximum 6 months

1 Room . 1 Shower-room

€900 / month

rue Michel Le Comte
75003 Paris 3ème

Sainte Avoie
Availability to be confirmed: 01 Mar. 2024
Min. 6 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Bathroom . 1 parking

€1,400 / month

Rue Saint Dominique
75007 Paris 7ème

Gros Caillou
Availability to be confirmed: 03 Mar. 2024
Min. 3 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Bathroom

€1,630 / month

rue Lhomond
75005 Paris 5ème

Val de Grace
Availability to be confirmed: 01 Apr. 2024
Min. 3 months

1 Bedroom . 1 Shower-room

€1,350 / month