Furnished apartments for rent in Péreire -- Malesherbes, Paris 17th (75017)

Discover the elegance and comfort of our furnished apartments in the Péreire -- Malesherbes district, located in the heart of the 17th arrondissement of Paris. These carefully selected residences combine modernity with traditional charm, providing the ideal living environment for professionals on the move, students or those looking for a new home. Each home is designed to suit various needs and lifestyles, guaranteeing an authentic and refined Parisian living experience. For those wishing to explore even more options in this desirable part of the capital, we encourage you to browse a wider selection of furnished properties in the 17th. This allows you to refine your search criteria to find the accommodation that perfectly matches your expectations.

Péreire -- Malesherbes district guide

The Péreire -- Malesherbes district is a jewel of the 17th arrondissement, combining quiet streets, green spaces and Haussmann-style architecture. Here, you'll find chic boutiques, gourmet restaurants and friendly cafés. In terms of transport, the district is well served by metro and bus, making it easy to get around Paris. Life here is synonymous with charm and convenience.

Local life and amenities

This area offers a vibrant local life with markets, renowned schools and parks, perfect for families and professionals alike.

Gastronomy and entertainment

Discover Michelin-starred restaurants, typical bistros, and theatres and galleries for culture lovers.

Shopping and lifestyle

The shopping streets offer a variety of boutiques, from luxury goods to local crafts, perfect for shoppers.

Cost of living analysis for Péreire -- Malesherbes, Paris 17

Understanding the cost of living in Péreire -- Malesherbes is essential for prospective tenants. In this part of the 17th arrondissement, rents vary according to the size and standing of the apartments, with average prices reflecting the prestigious and central nature of the area. On average, rents can range from medium to high, but in return, offer a high-quality living environment. Charges, such as electricity, water and gas, are generally in line with Parisian standards, while additional costs, such as internet, television and co-ownership fees, vary from building to building. In short, living at Péreire -- Malesherbes represents an investment in an exceptional quality of life, with easy access to services, leisure activities and the architectural beauties of Paris.

Legal advice and tips for renting in Paris

Renting in Paris, specifically in districts such as Péreire -- Malesherbes, involves knowing certain essential legal aspects. For new tenants, it's important to understand the rights and duties associated with renting. This includes knowing the terms and conditions of the lease, security deposits, and the conditions for maintaining the property. It is also crucial to find out about the procedures for inspecting the inventory of fixtures on moving in and out to ensure that your rights are protected. In addition, familiarising yourself with the rent increases and lease termination rules can help you navigate the Paris rental market. Our Paris-Housing agency offers personalised advice to guide you through every stage of the rental process, ensuring a stress-free and compliant experience. Whether you are an experienced tenant or a first-time renter, we are here to help you secure your ideal property in the capital.

How Péreire -- Malesherbes compares with other areas of Paris

The district of Péreire -- Malesherbes, in the 17th arrondissement, is characterised by its residential atmosphere and Haussmann charm. Compared with busier districts such as the Marais or Montmartre, Péreire -- Malesherbes offers a considerable degree of tranquillity, ideal for those looking for a peaceful neighbourhood life while remaining connected to the dynamism of Paris. On the other hand, if you prefer a lively nightlife or a more visible arts scene, the 11th or 18th arrondissements may be more suitable. The La Défense district, although further from the centre, offers modern, spacious options ideal for professionals. Each area has distinct advantages, whether in terms of lifestyle, access to amenities, or general ambience. Understanding these nuances will help you choose the neighbourhood that best suits your needs and preferences, whether looking for classic, elegant neighbourhood life in Péreire -- Malesherbes, or a more dynamic atmosphere elsewhere in the capital.

Booking process and apartment visits with our agency

The booking and viewing process is simple and efficient for those interested in our apartments in Péreire -- Malesherbes. To arrange a visit, contact us by telephone or via our website. We will organise visits according to your availability, offering you slots to suit your schedule. When you visit, we recommend that you bring with you proof of identity and, if possible, proof of your employment or student status and previous rental references. These documents are not compulsory for the visit, but they help speed up the rental process if you decide to apply for the apartment. After the visit, if the apartment meets your expectations and you wish to proceed, our team will guide you through the following steps, including submitting your file and signing the lease. We aim to make your rental experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, supporting you every step of the way.

Unfurnished apartment rentals in the 17th arrondissement

Renting unfurnished apartments in Péreire -- Malesherbes offers unique flexibility for those who want to personalise their living space. Without the constraints of predefined furnishings, you can create an environment that truly reflects your style. Unfurnished apartments in the 17th arrondissement are ten more spacious and allow greater scope for design and decoration. In addition, rents can be slightly lower than furnished apartments, offering better value for those prepared to invest in their furniture. This option is ideal for long-term renters or those looking to move to Paris permanently. To explore unfurnished apartment rental options in Paris 17th, browse our detailed listings and find the perfect place for your next home.

Rental management in Paris 17: maximise your investments

If you are a property owner in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, our agency offers a full range of rental management services to simplify the management of your property. Our experienced team handles everything from finding qualified tenants to managing tenancy agreements and maintenance. We understand the importance of maximising the return on your property investment, and our professional approach ensures that your property is well-maintained and generates a stable income. Please find out how our agency can help you optimise your property management in Paris 17 by exploring our detailed services.

Furnished flats for rent in the Péreire -- Malesherbes area

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