Furnished apartments for rent in Chaillot, Paris 16th (75016)

Welcome to the world of furnished apartments for rent in Chaillot, in the prestigious 16th arrondissement of Paris. Our estate agency offers you an exceptional selection of furnished apartment rentals, ideally located in Chaillot, to meet your accommodation needs in Paris. Discover all our furnished rental offers in this prestigious district and explore our detailed listings.

Guide to the Chaillot district

Chaillot, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, is a residential district renowned for its elegance and charm. This section offers a detailed guide to the area, highlighting famous streets, local attractions, amenities, transport options, shopping, dining and entertainment venues, and the lifestyle and convenience of living in this sought-after area.

Famous streets

Chaillot is adorned with famous streets that add to its charm. Avenue Kléber, with its luxury boutiques, and Avenue Victor Hugo, known for its elegant cafés, are must-sees. The tree-lined streets of fer pleasant strolls and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Local attractions

Chaillot residents are fortunate to have some iconic attractions nearby. The Trocadero, with its spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower, is a great place to relax. The Palais de Tokyo, a centre for contemporary art, attracts art lovers worldwide.


Chaillot offers many amenities, including supermarkets, pharmacies and local markets. Everything you need daily is within easy reach, making life here convenient and enjoyable.

Transport options

Transport options are plentiful in Chaillot. You'll find metro stations such as Kléber and Trocadéro and numerous bus routes. You can quickly get around the city for work or leisure.

Luxury shopping

Shopping enthusiasts will be delighted by the luxury boutiques in Chaillot. Major fashion brands and renowned designers can be found in this district. You can explore the latest trends without leaving the district.

Gastronomy and entertainment

Chaillot's gastronomic scene is varied, with Michelin-starred restaurants and charming cafés. Nearby cinemas, theatres and concert halls ensure a lively nightlife for entertainment lovers.

Exclusive lifestyle

Living in Chaillot means enjoying an exclusive lifestyle. The serene atmosphere, leisure options and easy access to services make this district ideal for those seeking a superior quality of life in Paris.

Close to nature

The Bois de Boulogne, a large wooded park, is nearby, offering green spaces for relaxation, walking and outdoor activities. Joggers and picnickers appreciate this green oasis.

A safe neighbourhood

Chaillot is renowned for its safety. Residents feel confident walking the streets, even at night. Peace of mind is an essential feature of life here.

Chaillot cost of living analysis

Are you considering living in Chaillot, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris? Understanding the costs of living in this elegant district is essential. Our analysis of the cost of living in Chaillot will provide crucial information to help you budget and plan. This includes average rental prices, utility costs and other day-to-day expenses. This analysis will assist you in getting a clear picture of what to expect when you choose to live in Chaillot.

Legal advice and tips for renting in Paris

Renting a property in Paris can be complex, especially for new tenants. Our Paris-Housing agency is committed to providing valuable legal advice to help you understand the legal aspects of renting in Paris and practical tips to make the rental process more accessible in the 16th arrondissement and elsewhere. As an authority in the property market, we aim to be with you every step, from finding a property to signing the tenancy agreement.

Comparison with other Paris districts

To help you make an informed decision about your future residence, we offer an in-depth comparison between the Chaillot district, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, and other famous areas of the city.

The 16th arrondissement (Chaillot)

Chaillot, located in the 16th arrondissement, offers a peaceful and elegant residential atmosphere. The streets are lined with trees, creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere. One of the significant advantages is its proximity to the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero, offering spectacular views. Luxury shops and gourmet restaurants abound, and public transport options are well served. However, it's important to note that the cost of living here is slightly higher than the Parisian average, and the atmosphere is quieter than in some busier areas.

Le Marais (3rd and 4th arrondissements)

The Marais is known for its historic charm and medieval architecture. It has a vibrant cultural life with numerous art galleries and museums. Designer and vintage boutiques attract fashion lovers, while the nightlife is lively with trendy bars. However, space is limited, and rents can be high. The area can also be vivacious due to its tourist appeal.

The Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement)

The Quartier Latin is ideal for a vibrant student atmosphere, thanks to its proximity to the Sorbonne and the university. It offers an abundance of cafés, bookshops and a unique bohemian atmosphere. Affordable dining options are plentiful. However, it can be noisy and busy, and rents vary considerably depending on location.

Montmartre (18th arrondissement)

Montmartre offers a bohemian charm with stunning views from the Butte Montmartre. The artistic and cultural atmosphere is predominant, with many artists and quaint cafés. However, it is a long way from some of the central areas of Paris and has some steep climbs and slopes.

Reservation and viewing process with our estate agency

To book a viewing of our furnished apartments in Chaillot, contact us and arrange a convenient meeting time. During the visit, our experienced team will guide you through each property, answer your questions, and provide you with all the necessary information. If you are interested in one of our properties, we will guide you through the following stages of the letting process.

Unfurnished apartments for rent in Chaillot

Although Chaillot is famous for its stylish furnished apartments, we also offer unfurnished apartment rental options in this exclusive area of Paris's 16th arrondissement. Opting for unfurnished accommodation provides its advantages. These apartments of fer a blank canvas to express your style and personality. You can decorate and furnish the space to your taste. Moreover, the rents of unfurnished apartments are often more affordable than those of their furnished counterparts. If you're looking for flexibility and personalisation in your future home in Chaillot, look at our unfurnished apartments in Paris 16th.

Rental management services in Paris 16

If you are a property owner in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and looking for professional rental management solutions, our agency is here. We offer a full range of rental management services designed to simplify and optimise the management of your property in Paris Whether you need to find trustworthy tenants, ensure regular maintenance of your properties or manage the financial aspects of renting, we have the expertise to support you. Please learn more about our rental management services in Paris 16 to discuss your requirements.

Furnished flats for rent in the Chaillot district

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