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Property management in Paris for demanding landlords

Relying on our expertise frees you from the administrative and operational tasks; we take looking after our landlords and tenants equally and offer services adapted to the needs of each.

Accounting and administration

  • Send monthly rent notices and rent receipts to tenants
  • Monitor and manage rental payments within 10 days, expenses deducted
  • Manage rental and service expenses relating to the property
  • Prepare and send monthly management reports
  • Establish and send annual income and expenses summary (for tax declaration)
  • Manage collection and return of the lease deposit
  • Revise and adjust the rent when a contract is established or renewed
  • Implement and monitor insurance contracts for tenant and landlord
  • Resolve potential conflicts
  • Manage insurance claims
  • Provide access to a personal online account via our extranet
Our commitment is to simplify your life
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Operational management

  • Manage the relationship with the tenant
  • Carry out and monitor technical diagnostics
  • Carry out and send the incoming / outgoing inventory
  • Manage any repairs following the outgoing inventory
  • Send a detailed report with short- and medium-term actions

Property maintenance

  • Quickly manage any technical emergencies
  • Manage regular maintenance
  • Establish and monitor maintenance contracts e.g. boiler and air-conditioning
  • Organise and monitor any repairs carried out by the tenant
  • Organise cleaning between rental contacts
  • Manage any damage during the rental period

< €1500
8.00 %
7.00 %
€1501 - €3000
7.00 %
6.00 %
€3001 - €6000
6.50 %
5.50 %
€6001 +
5.50 %
5.00 %
NB: The percentages refer to the monthly rent (including VAT). The fees for renting and managing your property are tax deductible if you opt for the “régime réel”.

Living area under 60m²
Living area over 60m²
Check-in & check-out
including VAT
€3 including VAT
per m² of living area
Full inventory,
if non-existent
including VAT
including VAT

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