Why use our property management services?

It can be time consuming and stressful to manage your property yourself, especially if you’re not based in Paris. This is why it is a good idea to use a Paris real estate agency specialising in property management.

Property management
  • An efficient intermediary between you and the tenant
  • A professional team dealing with all administrative and legal tasks
  • Reliable maintenance service solving any problems or breakdowns
  • Trusted partnerships with highly qualified workmen and specialists
  • Satisfied tenants - support during the whole lease period
  • Legal advice to make the right choice and get the right documents
  • Transparency with access to payments etc.
  • Constant support from a multilingual team of highly motivated experts

We will do everything we can to ensure that your tenant is satisfied and your property remains in optimum condition.

More information about our property management services:

Marketing the property

Property marketing
  • Present your property on Paris-housing.com with photos, maps and descriptions that can be printed. 
  • Promote your property using different communication media such as client companies, specialist internet portals, international press, newsletters, emails etc.

Tenant Search

Choice of tenants
  • Find a tenant and create a ‘solvency’ file – you have the final say.
  • Negotiate and draw up the lease, which is signed by the agency.
  • Ensure the tenant subscribes to insurance policies etc.
  • Remain a point of contact for the tenant throughout the tenancy.
  • Search for a new tenant before the end of the lease to ensure maximum occupancy.

Ongoing Management

Ongoing property management
  • Send payment notices and issue receipts for tenants.
  • Monitor rent and maintenance payments and settle expenses related to the property.
  • Manage tenant insurance policies and queries.
  • Provide online access to your account and create reports (monthly or quarterly).
  • Annual tax statement.

Security deposit

Property security deposit
  • Collect security deposit.
  • Return deposit to the tenant after deducting any costs for damage.
  • Provide copies of the inventory reports completed by a real estate expert (if required).


Property maintenance
  • Draw up and check maintenance contracts (e.g. gas).
  • Handle any emergency during the tenancy.
  • Deal with any damage and accident for which the tenant is liable.


Property inventories
  • Organise and attend an inventory by an expert at tenant check-in and check-out.
  • Oversee any necessary renovation or maintenance work.
  • Provide a report of any renovation completed at the tenant’s expense and a list of long and short term actions required on your part.
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